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I promise to NEVER email you unless I have something FREE or something I think is worth the money to buy.​

Here's the information you want...

I recently tried to advertise one of my new projects called MeltdownIncome.com on Facebook.

It's not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme or an MLM. It's a legit Membership Website with information about how people can make extra money NOW doing things that will be EVEN MORE VALUABLE in the event of an Economic Meltdown.​


Here's what Facebook told me:

Your ad wasn't approved because the URL associated with the ad promotes:

  • Making money or getting rich by doing little or nothing
  • An unclear business model that doesn't explicitly state how to make money or how value is created (ex: which products and services are sold)
  • A multi-level marketing business model without a clear product they're selling (ex: Empire Network, Empower Network, Motor Club of America, Prosperity Team)

Ads must be clear about the business opportunity that leads to the advertised income. Ads for “get rich quick” schemes (ex: work from home, pyramid schemes) that offer money for little to no investment, or promotional content for money-making schemes are not allowed. This also holds for mentoring, coaching or affiliate programs or other partnerships with unclear business models.

You must fully explain the business model and participation process in the destination website of your ad.

So here's how I got another ad approved IMMEDIATELY!

I just created the ad as a POST and BOOSTED it! It was approved within minutes!


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Fair enough? Thanks!​