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Peter Dudek

Google Adwords & Copywriting Expert

Nancy, this is one of your ads on Google:

It could be a lot better. You are definitely leaving money on the table.

I'd Like to Help You Improve Your Money-Getting Words.  
You'll probably refuse to do this, but if you're interested, text me to get a free 15 minute consultation.

(559) 575-0423

Just text me your name and a couple of good times to give you a call.

No Pressure. I just want to give you some free help with your ad. I know some easy ways you can make it more effective.

If you like my 'free sample' consultation call, you can ask about becoming my exclusive lawyer client in Fresno/Visalia. 

This is a limited time offer because my time is limited and I expect to fill my calendar with paying clients quickly with this free sample offer. So if I don't hear from you in a day or so, consider the free sample consult offer cancelled.

(Yes it is me who will call, not a telemarketer.)

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