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Peter Dudek's Physical Product Creation Formula


There are 3 Levels of Participation in this Course.

I'll give you Action Items every week so that by the end of each week, if you are completing the Action Items, you should have your own brand new product ready for marketing.

Here are the 3 Levels of Participation:

VIPS - "Do it for you" Product Creation Services. (7 Spots Available.)

You'll Get Personal 1-on-1 Help to Create Your New Product Line. With this VIP Option, you'll get personal help from me as you create and launch your own products. I won't do it ALL for you, (I can't BE YOU on video for example) but I will work closely together with you and your staff as your Private Consultant to help you get everything done for one new product and get it ready to start making money. You'll get my private cell number so that you and your staff can call me anytime and ask me questions or get my advice on anything  related to your product creation. AND I WILL SHARE ALL OF MY BLACK HAT STRATEGIES AND TACTICS WITH YOU (non-disclosure agreement required). Your cost to participate is $24,997 per Quarter plus 20% Performance Fee (AFTER THE FIRST $100,000 GROSS SALES) for 18 months starting when the product goes on the market. (The Performance Fee gives me HUGE incentive to help YOU ACTUALLY BE SUCCESSFUL and MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE, as FAST as POSSIBLE because I'm planning on making the most money for myself on the Performance Fee.)

PLAYERS - One-on-One Consulting. (49 Spots Available.)

Lifetime Unlimited Access to All Course Material.  Participate in a Weekly Group Coaching Q&A Webinar  (for 7 weeks) where I will answer any of your questions about what I'm doing. Also, each week, I'll give you a list of Action Items to do so you can follow along with me and create and launch your own products. Also you will get 10 hours (in blocks of 30 minutes) of One-On-One telephone consulting. (INCLUDES ONE OF THE BLACK HAT STRATEGIES I USE...non-disclosure agreement required). Your cost to participate is $9,997.

WATCHERS - (Unlimited spots.)

Limited (or optional Lifetime) Access to Watch Edited Replays of the Group Coaching Sessions. With this option, you'll get to see the replay videos looking "over my shoulder" as I create a new product line from scratch. See my niches. See how I create the product, the product labeling, the marketing and sales. If you follow along and do the Action Items, you'll be able to create your own brand new product, ready for marketing. (NOTE: THIS OPTION WILL NOT INCLUDE ANY PERSONAL HELP or Q&A, NOR ANY OF MY BLACK HAT STUFF.) Your cost to have limited access of 30 days is $597. Lifetime access is $997.

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