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What's the FASTEST Way to Make Money with What You'll Learn in my Product Creation Workshop?

I think it was Dan Kennedy who said: "To get rich, help rich people get richer. They will GLADLY pay you for that."

Keep that quote in mind as you read the rest of this page.

My Product Creation Workshop that Keith and I have been telling you about is all about learning how to create your own Essential-Oil-Based products so you can sell your own physical products with the highest Profit Ratio possible.

And that's how I made over $9,000,000.

But wait!

What if we could make money as Product Creation CONSULTANTS?

Making boatloads of money with your own product is possible.

I'm an example of that.

But being paid huge fees as a CONSULTANT is a MUCH FASTER way to get started earning money with what I'll be teaching you in my Product Creation Workshop.

Follow me on this...

Pay very close attention.

Don't skim through!

Read every sentence on this page...


There is a group of people, a LARGE group that is PERFECT for creating their own Essential-Oil based products.

If these people had their own products they could sell, they could make a LOT of sales of their own products - just because of who they are.

These people have money. They're in the top levels of income.

They have the need and desire to have their own product lines.

What they DON'T have is TIME or EXPERTISE to do it themselves.

That's where we come in...


This group of people would rather pay a Product Creation Consultant to create their products FOR them.

They just don't have the time or the know-how to do it themselves.

What if you could help them?

What if you could be a Product Creation Consultant and earn large 4-figure and 5-figure fees to do what I'll be teaching you in my Product Creation Workshop?

Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Here's where it gets interesting...


My business partner in one of my other projects has a private client that is one of these kinds of people.

My buddy and his client are putting together a Mastermind of these people who would be PERFECT Product Creation clients.

When my buddy found out about my Product Creation Workshop he freaked out - in a GOOD way!

He told me about the Mastermind he and his client are forming.

He told me there will be HUNDREDS of the kinds of people I'm talking about in the Mastermind.

And every single one of them could become a client for me to provide the service of doing the product creation FOR them.

When he told me that, my first thought was "Holy Crap! I'm going to make SO much money with this!"

But then I thought about the practicality of serving an avalance of clients and I realized...

There's NO WAY I can serve hundreds of clients with Product Creation Consulting.

It would be TOO Time Consuming!​

So that's where YOU could come in...


If I had a team of Product Creation Consultants, I could pass Product Consulting work to them.

So that's what I need...a team of Trained & Certified Product Creation Consultants.

This opportunity to tie in with my buddy's access to a Mastermind with HUNDREDS of these wealthy, motivated, potential product line owners is HUGE!

So here's what I've decided to do.

I'm going to put together a Team of Trained Product Creation Consultants.

I want to teach them and train them on how to create new products so I can pass the overflow of consulting work to them.

Essentially, I need a team of 10 people who have gone through the $9,997 VIP training in my Product Creation Workshop.



I need people I can count on to learn my training and then do a good job with clients I will pass to them.

Then I need to train them on how to help these potential Product Creation Consulting clients.

These are people who would LOVE to have their own product line but don't have the time or skills to do it on their own.

These people are rich.

They want to be richer.

They will gladly pay us A LOT OF MONEY for helping them create their product line.

Some of that money could be YOURS.

If you are interested in becoming one of my 10 Trained & Certified Product Creation Consultants let me know.

We will speak together on a video conference and if it seems like you are a good fit for my team, I will give you that MASSIVE discount on the VIP Option of my Product Creation Workshop.

And not only that, I'll go BEYOND the regular VIP Option and I'll also teach you how to work with these rich clients.

And when the consulting business starts coming in, I'll pass the work over to my team and give them the "Lion's Share" of the fees.

(Probably 80% of the fees. So for example, if the consulting job was worth $10,000, you would get $8,000 and I would get $2,000.)

Does this make sense?

When you go through my workshop, you'll be able to create your own products and sell them.

And doing that is awesome.

It's how I made a lot of money.

But being paid by rich clients for Product Creation Consulting has the potential to bring in big juicy fees, putting money in our pockets super fast.

If you would like to interview with me about becoming one of my 10 Certified Product Creation Consultants, email me at

We'll get on a video conference and talk about it in depth.

If you are a good fit, I'll invite you to the team, I'll reveal the identiy of these people AND I'll give you a HUGE discount on my $9,997 VIP Option for my Product Creation Workshop.

I can't make promises, but there's potentially going to be a LOT of money made serving the rich people in my buddy's mastermind group with Product Creation Consulting.

If you want a chance to get some of that money, email me back and tell me why you think you'd be a good fit for this.

But be quick to respond. I only need 10 people.

This is exciting!

Talk soon,



WEEK ONE - Overview of the Product Categories I use. Detailed Behind the Curtains view of how I've generated over $9,000,000 in revenue with products of my own creation. Action Items: Study the Product Categories and the Associated Niche Markets.

WEEK TWO - ​Watch me Pick a Niche Market, figure out a New Product Idea, Source and Order the Components, Create Profit Margin Spreadsheet. Action Items: Pick your own Product Idea, order your components, create your profit margin spreadsheet.

WEEK THREE Watch me Create the Product Labeling and the Branding for my new product. Action Items: Create a Label and Branding for Your New Product.

WEEK FOUR - Watch me create My Website and the "Money Getting" eCommerce Systems set up. Action Items: Set up Your Website and eCommerce systems.

WEEK FIVE - Watch me use the source components to actually Create my New Product. Action Items: Create your new product.

WEEK SIX - ​Watch me set up my Tracking System, my Advertising Accounts and Create the Initial Ads for my product. Action Items: Set up your advertising accounts and create your initial ads. Set up your tracking system.

BONUS WEEK: ONLY FOR "PLAYERS" and "VIPs" - ​Watch me set up ONE of My Black Hat Strategies for my new product. Action Items: Set up your version of my Black Hat Strategy.

BONUS SIX WEEKS - Only for VIPs. Continued 1-on-1 Personal Consulting to Help You and Your Staff Get Your Product(s) Created and Ready for Market.

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