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The Perfect Transition for Plastic Surgeons Who Are TIRED of Trading Their Time for Money...

Product Creation Workshop


Plastic Surgeons

Why You Should Read This:

  • Are you TIRED of Trading Your Time for Money?
  • Do You Want to Make Money Using Your Status as a Doctor WITHOUT Impositions on Your Time?
  • Did you know there are eCommerce Categories Where YOU as a Plastic Surgeon Have an Almost Unfair Marketing Advantage?
  • (There are eCommerce Categories that have HUGE Profit Margins & HIGH Demand...)
  • Would You Like to Learn Product Creation from Someone With 10 Years of Experience Who Has Sold Millions of Dollars Worth of Products Online?
  • (NOTE: This information has NEVER been shared before and will NEVER be shared again.) This is the ONLY TIME this Workshop will EVER be given.

One of the BIGGEST OBSTACLES to eCommerce Sales is the Problem of TRUST.

But as a Plastic Surgeon, for Certain Product Categories, You Have a HUGE TRUST ADVANTAGE!

If you are interested in trading your Hard-Earned TRUST FACTOR instead of your TIME for money, read this ENTIRE page...

People Are Buying LOTS of STUFF Online.

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that eCommerce is a huge part of the global economy and only getting bigger.

If you want to make money online, you should seriously be considering eCommerce - selling physical products.

Physical product sales are already huge and getting even bigger every year.

Even with a stagnant economy, look at what's been going on with eCommerce on Amazon alone.

You Could Participate in the Huge eCommerce Economy Selling Physical Products and Making Huge Money with them.

I've been doing it for 10 years.

Keep reading...

How Do You Decide Which Products To Promote With Your Good Name and Your TRUST FACTOR?

And Which Products Have the Best Profit Margins? 

 Which Reduce or Eliminate Competition?

The answer is simple... 

Products Of Your Very Own You Can EASILY Create!

When you Invent, Create and Manufacture a brand new product the world has never seen before, you have some huge competitive advantages.
  • Manufacturing costs can be very low (for certain categories of products).
  • Perceived value can be very high (for those same product categories).
  • When you invent and create a new product, you can create something unique, something no one else can sell, something only you can deliver to the masses.

And the nice thing is, I'll Show You How Inventing, Creating and Manufacturing your own product is actually pretty easy!

And I'll Show You How to Find Virtually Unlimited New Product Ideas Available for You to Use.

(And there are formulas already out there you can use for free.​)

In my Product Creation Workshop (info below) I'll show you which product categories have the best profit margins and very high perceived values.

About Me:

My name is Peter Dudek. I used to be a ballet dancer. After that, I became an Organic Farmer. When some shady Real Estate dudes LITERALLY Stole Our Farm, I used my knowledge to create some products and start selling them online. It worked.

For the past 10 years, I've been quietly making millions of dollars online by creating and manufacturing my own products and selling them online.

I've spent over $2,000,000 on Google Adwords. (video proof below)

I've generated over $9,000,000 in Revenues. (video proof below)

I've never taught a course. This workshop is completely new to the Internet Marketing World as of December 2016.

I've never divulged all my secrets to anyone.

I've never shown anyone how or helped anyone to do what I'm doing.

That all changes now.

But this will be the only time I ever do this.


Here's a video with proof of my Advertising and Revenue claims:

Peter Dudek: ex-Ballet Dancer

Peter Dudek: ex-Organic Farmer

Peter Dudek (with wife Lisa) Present

You're probably wondering why I'm even willing to share my product marketing formula that generated $9 million in revenue. Great question.

Until now, I never even dreamed of doing anything like this. I'm basically a very shy person who prefers the forest and mountains to the city. Big crowds intimidate me. I'm just not someone who wants to be in the spotlight. (I know, pretty weird for someone who used to wear tights on stage in public.)

But a friend of mine, Frank Kern (the top Internet Marketing consultant used by Tony Robbins), challenged me to teach what I know, at least once in my life. He said that it would be good for my personal development as a marketer.

Also, there's so much fluff and theory out there being pitched to unsuspecting people about how to make money in 'eCommerce' that I decided to accept the challenge.

But just this one time. ;-)

Product Creation Workshop

Here's What I've Got:

I have put together a "Product Creation Workshop" where I will do 3 things.

  1. I will lift up the curtains and show you exactly what products I created that has generated over $9,000,000 in revenues for me. I'll show you the niche markets I'm in. I'll show you how I make my products. I'll show you how I make the labels. I'll show you my websites, my videos, my sales copy.​ Everything. 
  2. I will let you watch me as I create a completely new product from scratch. You'll get an "over my shoulder" view where I'll show you how I get the ideas for deciding on a new product. I'll show you how I make the product, how I create the labeling and the branding. I'll show you how I make the website and write the sales copy.
  3. Depending on which level of participation you choose, I will either A) Give you 1-on-1 Help to create your own product; B) Give you group coaching with hours of uncensored Q & A sessions; C) Let you watch replays of the group coaching videos.
Also, depending on the Level of Participation you choose, I will divulge certain "Black Hat" (totally legal, but very sneaky) Strategies and Tactics I use.

The workshop will be centered around Live Webinar-Style Coaching Sessions.

There will be 6 Sessions, one per week. Each session will be recorded.

The Q&A parts and the Black Hat parts will be edited out for people who are only participating at the lowest level.

People at the Highest VIP Level will get 1-on-1 help from me and get my private cell phone number so you can call me anytime with a question.


WEEK ONE - Overview of the Product Categories I use. Detailed Behind the Curtains view of how I've generated over $9,000,000 in revenue with products of my own creation. Action Items: Study the Product Categories and the Associated Niche Markets.

WEEK TWO - ​Watch me Pick a Niche Market, figure out a New Product Idea, Source and Order the Components, Create Profit Margin Spreadsheet. Action Items: Pick your own Product Idea, order your components, create your profit margin spreadsheet.

WEEK THREE Watch me Create the Product Labeling and the Branding for my new product. Action Items: Create a Label and Branding for Your New Product.

WEEK FOUR - Watch me create My Website and the "Money Getting" eCommerce Systems set up. Action Items: Set up Your Website and eCommerce systems.

WEEK FIVE - Watch me use the source components to actually Create my New Product. Action Items: Create your new product.

WEEK SIX - ​Watch me set up my Tracking System, my Advertising Accounts and Create the Initial Ads for my product. Action Items: Set up your advertising accounts and create your initial ads. Set up your tracking system.

BONUS WEEK: ONLY FOR "PLAYERS" and "VIPs" - ​Watch me set up ONE of My Black Hat Strategies for my new product. Action Items: Set up your version of my Black Hat Strategy.

BONUS 18 MONTHS - Only for VIPs. Continued 1-on-1 Personal Consulting for a Total of 18 Months to Help You and Your Staff Get Your Product(s) Created and Ready for Market.

Here's What it Can Do For You:

If you understand the power of eCommerce, if you understand the unstoppable trend of people buying physical products online, if you want to learn how to create your own products in a very specific category of products that have High Demand and Huge Profit Margins...what better way to save yourself months or YEARS of "Trial and Error" than to learn from someone with over 10 years of experience?

If you want to get started in the lucrative business of creating your own eCommerce products, this workshop could save you TONS of Time and Money.

Also, depending on the Level of Participation you choose, you'll either get 1-on-1 Help from me or Group Coaching with generous Q & A time. I'll help you brainstorm your product creation and help you get it ready for market.​

Here's What to Do Next:

There are 3 Levels of Participation in this Workshop. And it IS a workshop.

I'll give you Action Items every week so that by the end of the Workshop, if you are completing the Action Items, you should have your own brand new product ready for marketing.

Here are the 3 Levels of Participation:

VIPS - (Limited to 7 People.)

You'll Get Personal 1-on-1 Help. With this VIP Option, you'll get personal help from me as you create and launch your own products. I won't do it ALL for you, but I will work closely together with you and your staff as your Private Consultant to help you get everything done for one new product and get it ready to start making money. You'll get my private cell number so that you and your staff can call me anytime and ask me questions or get my advice on anything  related to your product creation. AND I WILL SHARE ALL OF MY BLACK HAT STRATEGIES AND TACTICS WITH YOU (non-disclosure agreement required). Your cost to participate is $9,997 plus 15% Rev Share for 18 months starting when the product goes on the market. (The Rev-Share gives me HUGE incentive to help YOU ACTUALLY BE SUCCESSFUL and MAKE AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE, as FAST as POSSIBLE.)

PLAYERS - (Limited to 49 People.)

Live Group Coaching Webinars.  Participate in a Weekly Group Coaching Workshop webinar (for 6 weeks) where I will teach you by showing you ALL the details about what I'm doing. At the end of each workshop, I will stay and answer all of your questions. Also, each week, I'll give you a list of Action Items to do so you can follow along with me and create and launch your own products. (INCLUDES ONE OF THE BLACK HAT STRATEGIES I USE...non-disclosure agreement required). Your cost to participate is $997.

WATCHERS - (Unlimited spots.)

Watch Edited Replays of the Group Coaching Sessions. With this option, you'll get to see the replay videos looking "over my shoulder" as I create a new product line from scratch. See my niches. See how I create the product, the product labeling, the marketing and sales. If you follow along and do the Action Items, you'll be able to create your own brand new product, ready for marketing. (NOTE: THIS OPTION WILL NOT INCLUDE ANY PERSONAL HELP or Q&A, NOR ANY OF MY BLACK HAT STUFF.) Your cost to have access is $397.

So what I want you to do next is decide which Level of Participation you want and get signed up for the workshop.

There are LIMITED SPOTS available for the VIP Level and the PLAYERS Level. So if you want one of those spots, you should grab one now before they're gone.

REMEMBER: THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY TIME I WILL BE DOING THIS. I'm not in the business of Teaching. I do products. I'm actually only doing this now because ​Frank Kern told me this would be a valuable thing that I could offer the Internet Marketing World, that no one else is teaching this and that it could help people.

So all that being said, go ahead and make your choice now...


Watch Replays of Live Coaching Sessions

Unlimited Spots

NO Black Hat Content

  • Access to Replays
  • Action Items PDFs



1-on-1 Help to Create Your Product

Only 7 Spots

ALL Black Hat Content

  • ​Live Webinars
  • Access to Replays
  • Action Items PDFs
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Private 1-on-1 Help
  • My Private Cell #

BONUS: VIPs Get a Total of 18 Months of Personal 1-on-1 Consulting. Get Expert Help to Create Your Product from a Multi-Million-Dollar Earner for less than $19/day.



Live Coaching Sessions with Q & A

Only 49 Spots

1 Black Hat Strategy

  • Live Webinars
  • Access to Replays
  • Action Items PDFs
  • Unlimited Q&A During Live Coaching Sessions



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