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New Website Proposal

To build a New Website with the purpose of Building Brand Identity you need several things to make it a success.

The Website

- Domain Name: needs to be memorable and enticing, a name that attracts your target market to click.

- Hosting: needs to be extremely stable so that traffic does not crash it. Also, you need the right kind of hosting so that you aren't in a "shared" server with porn and other sites that can eat up all the bandwidth of the server you're sharing with them.

- Template: when you're in a hurry to get your website done and when you have a limited budget, it's best to start with a template. That way, we can get a head start by having a pre-designed infrastructure that we can customize for your business.

- Responsive Design: more people view the Internet on their smart phones than computers or tablets. Your new site needs to look amazing on cell phones. That goes for your images and videos too. Everything needs to be "Mobile Friendly."

Building Brand Identity

- Logos and Brand Name Graphics: need to be clean, professionally designed and have a comfortable feel to your prospects. You need them to feel "at home" on your site because of the logo and other graphic elements.

- Social Media: The best way to build brand identity by far is through Social Media. But it has to be done right. You can't just put self-serving content out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and expect people to be engaged and share. Best practices for social media engagement is to follow the CCCP model. CCCP stands for Content, Content, Content, Pitch. In other words, you put out 3 pieces of interesting and engaging (shareable) content for every post that pitches your brand, your products or services. Social Media Marketing can be very powerful if done correctly or lame and useless if done without thinking of the conversations going on in your prospects heads.

- Press Releases: Done right, press releases can also help build brand identity. A steady stream of press releases does several things.

  1. Traffic: press releases can grab visitors from the big news websites and blogs and bring them to your site.
  2. Credibility: press releases featured on national or global news sites give you the ability to say things like: "As seen on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox News" or "As seen in the Wall Street Journal" etc. Those statements along with the logos of the news site give your website visitors a feeling of security because you're borrowing Trust and Authority from the big news sites and their logos.
  3. SEO: press releases can help with the Search Engine Optimization for your website. Getting on the first page of Google is a huge deal. Press releases are easier to get on the first page of Google because they already carry "Domain Authority" from the big websites they are on. Google and Bing like to feature NEW results to people searching for solutions you offer. A regular and strategic schedule of press releases can really do a lot to build your brand identity.

There are so many other things that can be done as well: Videos, Contests, Surveys & Polls, "Top 10" blog posts, etc.

And finally, you should have a very strategic Paid Online Advertising plan that includes Google and Facebook. And you need to do it smart.You need to set up Advertising Campaigns that have very concrete objectives. And you need to have tracking code in place so that you can know your results for each campaign by the numbers in your tracking data.

With tracking set up on your ad campaigns, as well as all the other digital assets you publish, you can absolutely know what's working and what isn't working. This allows you to optimize your digital advertising budget to get the best results - the most "bang for your buck".

All that being said, here's what we can do for you for $5,000.

  • - Help you select the best domain names.
  • - Select the best hosting provider for your site.
  • - Help you get some professionally designed logos and other graphic elements at very reasonable prices.
  • - Help you select the best RESPONSIVE template with the right "look" for your website.
  • - Completely customize the template with your logos, graphics and all other content.
  • - Set up Social Media Accounts for your Brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and other Social Media platforms that make sense for your brand.
  • - Integrate your Social Media accounts with your website to make it easy for people to engage and more importantly SHARE content from your site on the social media sites.
  • - Help you plan your CCCP strategies.
  • - Help you plan your Press Release strategies.

What's NOT included in the $5,000 (But we can do them for you if you want them for additional monthly retainers.):

  • Ongoing Social Media CCCP Content Curation and Creation
  • Press Releases, writing and releasing
  • Monthly maintenance of your website and Social Media accounts
  • Paid Advertising setup and maintence
  • Video production

In other words, the $5,000 quote is to get your Website and Social Media Accounts set up properly for building brand identity and then "hand you the keys."

However, if you want us to keep us on board to help you drive your digital marketing machine after we build it, you can hire us to do that.

Our main focus with this bid would be to build your new website with the primary goal of building brand identity through using the Best Practices to build and grow your social media presence.

All that being said, watch this video "Website vs Internet Marketing"‚Äč