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Peter Dudek's Physical Product Creation Formula


Hi Doctor. Thank you for coming to Page 1 of my presentation for you.

I know your time is super valuable and I promise not to waste it.

I'd like to 'give you props' for coming here.

You're looking for a positive way to deal with the enormous stresses you're under.

Many doctors resort to negative ways...unfortunately for them, their families and their patients. 

Years ago, I was hired by a prominent doctor to help him with some Internet projects. (More on that in a few pages.)

In that work, I did some research into what you do for a living as a doctor and I learned some interesting things.

On the GOOD side, I've learned that Doctors, Surgeons and Medical Specialists are Considered by Most People to Represent the Pinnacle of Success...

Doctors enjoy the notoriety they get from their family, friends and neighbors.

If you do too, that's wonderful. You deserve all the accolades.

But unfortunately, I learned that doctors are extremely stressed out. So much so that it can effect their work, their relationships, their family life, their emotional and mental health.

I believe that as a doctor, you are susceptible to excess amounts of stress because you're VERY successful...but at the Worst Business Model in the World...

What is the Worst Business Model in the World?

In my opinion, it's Trading-Your-Time-for-Money.

Answer this question...

What is the FIRST WORD that comes to your mind to complete this sentence?

TIME IS                        .

Be honest. What was the first word you thought of?

Did you think of the word money?

Most doctors do. Nearly everyone does.

But I say Time is NOT Money.

I submit that a definition that really matters to us as humans is Time is LIFE. It's minutes you are alive. After you are not alive, time ceases to exist for you (at least on this planet ;-).

When you Trade Your TIME for MONEY, You Are LITERALLY Giving Part of Your LIFE for Money.

In this business model, if you stop giving your life's time to people, you stop getting money.

I'll go so far as to say the practice of trading your time for money is closer to slavery than business.

It's the World's Worst Business Model.

As a Doctor, you are doing really well...but with the Worst Possible Business Model

I'm going to share a little bit of my story with you...

How I started off just like you - trading my time for money - but ended up (quite by lucky accident) learning about a better way...

A way that brought me millions of dollars without trading my time for money.

A way that you as a doctor are better positioned than me to achieve success.

A way that I will share with you in the following pages.

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