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Peter Dudek's Physical Product Creation Formula


When I was a young man, I decided to go to college. I studied accounting for 3 1/2 years. It seemed like the prudent thing to do - after all, several family members were accountants.

After almost finishing, I became disillusioned. I kept thinking, "Why aren't there any classes that just teach you how to make a lot of money?"

I decided I was not 'Accountant Materiel' and that I needed a break from college so I could figure out what to do with my life.

I went back home and consulted my parents - both government workers (my father was a Postmaster) so naturally...

I became a mail man.

It was a job. Not very much money, but it was something to do.

After a few years as a mailman, the idea of delivering mail for the rest of my life became unacceptable.

But I didn't know what to do about it.

Fortunately for me, my trading-time-for-money-career being a mailman gave me access to a valuable resource...


I was a really fast mail man.

I could do my 5 hour route in 3 hours.

That afforded me with lots of long lunch breaks under a tree in my jeep with a mountain of unforwardable junk mail that was going to the trash bin when I got back to the office.

I was curious. I wondered...

"How could companies afford to send giant piles of mail that most people just threw in the garbage?"

I started reading the junk mail.

I started learning about persuasive words.

I learned some very valuable copywriting skills by reading junk mail.

In fact, I didn't just read the junk mail. I "devoured" it.

I wanted to know the secrets of turning words into money.

I ended up learning a lot about that subject and in a few minutes I'll tell you more about how you can learn to turn words into money too.

(More on that on page 3.)

Not knowing exactly what to do, but hating my job as a mailman and understanding EXACTLY why some people "go postal" at that job...I decided to get out of that situation and make my time become more valuable to people than just delivering their bills to them.

I thought about doctors and lawyers and how they got paid a lot of money per hour. I wanted to make more money per hour but medical school or law school weren't interesting to me. 

However, I had been VERY interested in computers for years, so I decided to learn how to do computer programming.

After a couple of years of INTENSE study with long hours fueled by caffeine and pizza, I became proficient.

I found some clients and started making websites in the early days of the Internet when that was a difficult thing to do. I also began programming computers to do Automated Voice Response systems.

I got good at that and was able to make it a career and quit the post office job...on Labor Day ironically.

As I got better and more well known in my area, I was able to bump my rates up to $125/hour.

That was much better than a mailman's wages.

But my new career wasn't without problems.

I was still trading my time for money.

The constant technology changes required never-ending study to keep up with the latest developments. That sucked away a lot of my time without being compensated for it.

Even worse, clients kept going out of business because of stupid decisions they made.

Other clients would try to get me to take stock options instead of money. (Fortunately I wasn't THAT stupid.)

I had very little control. It was a chaotic world.

By this time, I was married and we had some kids.

We were not happy with how much time I was away from the family either working or keeping up on the changes in the industry.

It was a rat race. We hated it.
I was always gone or stressed.
We wanted more for our young family.

After a lot of study and discussion, we made a drastic career change to Organic Farming.

It would be much less money, but our family life would have a lot more tranquility and togetherness.

While I was learning about being an Organic Farmer, I accidentally learned something that would turn out to be worth MILLIONS of dollars to me, and maybe to you too...

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