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Peter Dudek's Physical Product Creation Formula


What I Learned as an Organic Farmer that Became Worth MILLIONS...

(And no...I'm not going to tell you to become an Organic Farmer.)

As an Organic Farmer, I learned about a lot of things.

I learned about small business ownership.

I learned about having Customers.

I learned about delicious, nutritious Plants.

But I also learned about BUGS!
More importantly, I learned how to KILL bugs without using poisons. <<< Hint: Multi-Million Dollar Thing

It was a very fun time for our growing family.

We didn't make much money.

But we were happy.

UNFORTUNATELY, when we bought the farm, we were naive.

We signed contracts that were impossible to comply with.

Long sad story short, some really bad people stole our farm and our life savings.

We lost our beautiful farm. But we learned about Treachery.

Unfortunatly, we also became homeless with 5 children, 4 farm dogs and a few too many farm cats.

Luckily, a wonderful church came to our aid helped us.

They put us up in a little condo.

After a while, I found a crappy outside sales job.

It was during this difficult time that our youngest daughter got head lice.

We spent the next 2 months dealing with bugs in her hair, our older daughter's hair and my wife's hair.

And of course, they all had waist-length hair.

After that ordeal was over, I remembered about some websites I had made for one of my clients who was an Affiliate Marketer. (An Affiliate Marketer is someone who makes commissions selling other company's products on the Internet.)

Also, I remembered the persuasive writing skills I had learned as a mail man reading junk mail under a tree.

I wondered if I could become an Affiliate Marketer.

I looked for a head lice remedy with an affiliate program and found one.

I quickly wrote some persuasive copy, put a website together, inserted my affiliate link on the page, scraped a few dollars together and bought some traffic from Google.

It was a complete failure, until...

It wasn't!

After a shaky start for 3 months, I had Success! I started making commissions.

I kept working on that site and others and ended up making about $20,000 profit every month...on autopilot!

I was no longer trading my time for money!

I was literally making money while I slept.

I had a MONEY TREE! :-D

That AWESOME lifestyle of making about $20,000/month on autopilot continued for about a year. Then, unfortunately, we encountered more treachery.

My affiliate commissions started mysteriously disappearing.

After unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem of mysteriously disappearing commissions, I thought, "Why don't I just create my own head lice treatment formula?"

After all...I used to be an Organic Farmer. I knew how to kill bugs without poisons.

So that's what I did.

Using my knowledge from organic farming, and consulting with an expert formulator, I created a new product line for treating head lice.

I made a new website and started advertising my own product line and FROM DAY ONE, it was a massive success.

That product line has brought in over $9,000,000 during the past 10 years.

But it has been a bumpy road.

Google's algorithm changes put me out of business more than once.

In fact, it was because of Google's constant algorithm changes that kept messing with my business that I started seriously studying Internet Marketing.

I figured that since this Residual Internet Income thing was so nice, I should become an expert in it.

I made it my mission to become an expert Internet Marketer.

So far, since 2007, I've spent over $400,000 educating myself about Internet Marketing.

I've gone to dozens of workshops, seminars and mastermind retreats.

I've learned a LOT that has helped me find success all these years.

One day I was on the phone with my mentor Frank Kern (the World's Highest-Paid Internet Copywriter and Tony Robbins' Internet Consultant) and he advised me to create a course showing people how to design, manufacture and sell physical products.

His exact words were "Dude. You're the perfect person to teach people how to create physical products and no one's doing that. You should do it."

Five years after he told me that, and observing what's being taught out there on the Internet, I finally understood what he was saying and I decided to do it.

And it turns out that I really enjoy teaching.

Plus, I'm finding that there are new business opportunities for me with people who want to participate with me at the highest VIP Level.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell you about that on page 6.

Next up: What I've Got and What it Can Do for You...

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