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Peter Dudek's Physical Product Creation Formula


I've prepared some Training and Coaching for Doctors on the subject of Creating Physical Product Lines.

I've also prepared a Do-It-For-You Service.

But before I give you the details about the all that, FIRST let me tell you What This Can Do For You.

While I cannot promise you'll have the same success I have had creating physical products, here's what I can tell you with total confidence.

Creating and Selling Your Own Line of Physical Products that people want is a Far Superior Business Model to What Most People are Currently Doing: Trading-Time-for-Money.

When people buy your products, you don't have to even be there. Especially with the Internet.

With eCommerce, you can literally make money while you are sleeping, playing golf, or are away on vacation with your spouse or your entire family.

I know that sounds like 'hype' but I know it's true.

I know because I've been doing it for years.
I've made millions while I was not even paying very close attention.

It's really nice to be on vacation and the only thing I needed to do for my business before I start having a fun day with my family is check to make sure my websites are running...

Oh, and then I have to check to see how much money I made while I was asleep.

This business model really works for me.

So can you have this Residual Internet Income Lifestyle?

I don't know you. I don't know your temperment or your talents.

So I can't promise this lifestyle will just magically drop into your lap.

But what I can promise is that my training will give you an introduction into the world of product creation and eCommerce that will save you at least 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars of trial and error if you try to learn this business model all alone.

And if you follow my training and create your own product lines, you'll have a much better chance of having more free time for yourself than if you just dream about it.

And if we end up working together at the VIP Do-it-For-You Level, you get my experience and expertise helping you.

After all, why are you still working in medicine?

If it is because you aren't financially independent yet and can't afford to retire - even though you want to, then you're still working in medicine for the money.

If you could replace some of the money you make in medicine with revenues from selling your own product lines, could you afford to take some days off?

Could you potentially retire much earlier than you've planned?

What if after taxes, wages, insurance, overhead etc., you are bringing home about $400,000?

What if you had a product line that made sales averaging about $200 per day?

$200 * 365 = $73,000.

Would an extra $73,000 per year make a difference in your life?

That's over 18% of your $400,000.

What if your sales grew?

Again, I cannot promise this will happen for you like it did for me.

But I can promise that if you don't do something besides trading your time for money, you chances of becoming dissatisfied with your career and your life will increase.

A few years ago when I was trading my time for money as a consultant, I was hired by a Doctor who has created a business helping over 50,000 doctors deal with the stresses of their lives as physicians.

In fact, if you haven't heard of this man, you probably soon will. He's Dr. Sam Hazeldine.

Sam is the world leader and advocate for doctor well-being.

He has successfully lobbied the World Medical Association to include the health and well-being of the doctor in the Declaration of Geneva, the modern-day Hippocratic Oath.

Dr. Hazeldine is doing a great work which I fully support.

As a doctor, Sam has created multiple organisations, MedRecruit, MedCapital, and MedWorld, a to assist doctors to live exceptional lives, because he knows that when they are fulfilled they are better doctors.

Dr. Sam hired me to help with his Google Adwords campaigns.

While I was doing some research for that project I was studying career satisfaction among surgeons and Medical Specialists.

I found some disturbing facts.


Burnout Rates Among Surgeons Range from 30% to 38%.

In a Study of 582 Surgeons 32% Showed High Levels of Emotional Exhaustion.

Male Physicians are Between 150% - 380% More Likely to Commit Suicide than Other Professionals.

Female Physicians Suicide Risk is 370% - 450% Higher than Other Professionals.

One of the tragic paradoxes is that those most susceptible appear to be the most dedicated, conscientious, responsible, and motivated.

Commitment to patients, attention to detail, and recognizing the responsibility associated with patients' trust are the very traits that define a good surgeon. Unfortunately, surgeons with these qualities are at greater risk.

Doctors with these traits have perfectionist qualities that may lead them to submerse themselves in their work and devote themselves to it until they have nothing left to give.

This truly is tragic and it makes me personally very sad for the doctors, their families and their PATIENTS.

And although I know my Physical Product Creation Workshop cannot solve the problems of stress and overwhelm for every physicians and surgeon in the world, maybe it can help a few...

Maybe it can help you.

I'm not promising you a quick and easy way to magically become financially independent overnight.

But I am offering you some training that can help you become proficient at a business model that is superior to trading your time for money.

One that is perfectly suited to your current status in society as a doctor...

One that doesn't rely on you giving away the time of your life for money.

On the next page, I'll give you the details about the Training & the Do-it-For-You Service I've prepared for you.

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