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Peter Dudek's Physical Product Creation Formula


Doctors, Medical Specialists and Surgeons have the perfect situation with the highest levels of credibility, authority and congruence to create certain kinds of product lines of their own.

(I can only imagine the increased success I could have with my head lice treatment products if I were a Pediatrician.)

I don't have that advantage.

You do.

But what you don't have is knowledge and experience in creating your own product lines.

I have that.

So let me show you what I've got for you...

I have trainings and support along with lists of Action Items to help Doctors, Medical Specialists and Surgeons create their own product lines.

The trainings are divided into 7 modules.


MODULE ONE - Overview of the Product Categories I use. Detailed Behind the Curtains view of how I've generated over $9,000,000 in revenue with products of my own creation. Action Items: Study the Product Categories and the Associated Niche Markets.

MODULE TWO - Watch me Pick a Niche Market, figure out a New Product Idea, Source and Order the Components, Create Profit Margin Spreadsheet. Action Items: Pick your own Product Idea, order your components, create your profit margin spreadsheet.

MODULE THREE Watch me Create the Product Labeling and the Branding for my new product. Action Items: Create a Label and Branding for Your New Product.

MODULE FOUR - Watch me create My Website and the "Money Getting" eCommerce Systems set up. Action Items: Set up Your Website and eCommerce systems.

MODULE FIVE - Watch me use the source components to actually Create my New Product. Action Items: Create your new product.

MODULE SIX - Watch me set up my Tracking System, my Advertising Accounts and Create the Initial Ads for my product. Action Items: Set up your advertising accounts and create your initial ads. Set up your tracking system.

BONUS MODULE: ONLY FOR "PLAYERS" and "VIPs" - Watch me set up ONE of My Black Hat Strategies for my new product. Action Items: Set up your version of my Black Hat Strategy.

BONUS 18 MONTHS - Only for VIPs. Continued 1-on-1 Personal Consulting for a Total of 18 Months to Help You and Your Staff Get Your Product(s) Created and Ready for Market.

There are 3 Levels of Participation in this Course. VIP, Player or Watcher.

I'll give you Action Items every week so that by the end of each week, if you are completing the Action Items, you should have your own brand new product ready for marketing.

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