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Is This Legal?

The MOST COMMON question people ask us is: "Are StreamSmart Boxes Legal To Use?"

The answer is "Yes!"

And this is why...

Streaming, or watching without downloading is legal. The media passes through your Internet cables, through your StreamSmart to your TV, which is watched by you but it is never stored, downloaded, copied, or retained.

Downloading the content is illegal, uploading copyrighted material is illegal, and copying and selling the material is illegal. The StreamSmart box does not download, upload, sell or store any media.

The StreamSmart box has no association with the websites that host media. StreamSmart box only provides the navigation to connect to websites and temporarily streams data.

Movies, TV shows, sporting events and music are all types data that can be streamed by the StreamSmart box, and are available to be viewed, but are never stored, copied or retained.

StreamSmart will stay legal as long as the Internet stays legal.

The media player software is not downloading anything, it’s only accessing content that is readily available online. StreamSmart does not host, archive, store, or distribute media of any kind and acts only as an index of media, which is hosted by third parties on the internet.

StreamSmart in no way condones pirating, and any downloading of media to the device is prohibited.

StreamSmart boxes are highly optimized computers that allow you to STREAM your content rather than DOWNLOAD content. Since you never have an appreciable amount of the content at any one given time, you never violate any copyright or ownership of what you are viewing.

Simply stated, ownership is the law – If you download, that’s illegal. If you stream, that perfectly legal.