StreamSmart-Amazon-Ebay – VRE Syndicate


Can You Buy StreamSmart Boxes on Amazon or EBAY?


Purchases made on Amazon or ebay after 1/1/2016 are no longer covered under warranty, supported, and will be shut off. If you purchased from either site email us to exchange your unit ASAP for a unit that will be covered. For your inconvenience we will offer you a discount on your order.


Any purchases from these sites previous to 1/1/16 will be fully covered and supported.

We no longer allow sales on these sites for several reasons which included sellers sending out knock off units, not including Channel Up accounts, offering no support or directions with units and giving zero customer service.

Purchases from THIS website are safe and covered.‚Äč is a Trusted & AUTHORIZED RESELLER of StreamSmart Boxes.

If you previously purchased from either of these sites in the past and are looking to purchase another box, please visit our Shop Page.